Loss Prevention:
Shoppers Drug Mart

How can we maintain a welcoming shopping experience when our products are locked in jail?


Baby Formula has consistently been one of the top categories for theft at Shoppers Drug Mart. “Retail thefts have increased by about 300% since the beginning of the pandemic,” according to Tammy Smitham, VP External Communications. Shoppers needed a loss prevention solution quickly to stem the losses but didn’t want to lose the welcoming experience in the store. The biggest fear, “how will it look, and how will it affect sales?”


The solution needed to be secure and high quality, but the key was to integrate the security features into the overall look and feel. Matrix designed and built a custom, glass front, lockable baby formula case that still allows for high product visibility and quick access by staff.  This lockable case is a perfect example of our team working to create a loss prevention solution which is both effective for the consumer and simple for the installer. Using choice materials and adapting our designs to work with existing shelving creates a solution which works seamlessly in-store. The store’s existing gondola shelving setup was left unaffected and product facings weren’t reduced.


Matrix manufactured and installed more than 375 loss prevention baby formula cases in a few short weeks, all while successfully navigating post-covid supply chain issues.

More importantly, the client declared: “Matrix made me look good!”