Retail Solutions

Fixtures & Gondola

Done right, Fixtures & Gondola are not just a place to put products but a stage to showcase their value. They are an integral part of expanding your retail footprint. Even more, they have the ability to elevate perception at the zero moment of truth and guide the shopper towards their purchase in a way that drives customer satisfaction and basket size. This is why Fixtures & Gondola are our bread and butter, and we have enlisted some of the best partners on the planet to help. 

Loss Prevention

As many of us are aware, theft is one of the biggest issues facing retail today.  Leading retailers want to secure their high margin products, but to do so without ruining the in-store experience their team has worked so hard to create. This is where we come in. We work with you to create a Loss Prevention solution within the parameters of your existing racking while minimizing the disruption to your experience, all without breaking the bank. 

Shelf Management

Maintaining a tidy, “full-shelf” aesthetic while making it easier for the consumer to shop is a critical means to drive purchase and basket size. And this is becoming harder than ever due to staff shortages. Our Shelf Management solutions not only help you maintain that robust full-shelf appearance; they do this while lowering labour costs.  By constantly staying in step with what is happening in Shelf Management around the world, from impulse strips to gravity-fed bulk bins, there’s nothing we can’t help you solve.

Design-Build / Custom Metal & Millwork

Got a space constraint, a vision without a plan, or some other hard-to-crack problem? Now you’re talking our language. We will dig-in to understand the crux of the challenge and then provide a team of experts to shepherd your project from start to finish.  From one-off needs to a complete retail experience, we have the design expertise and custom metal and millwork capability to create an environment and experience as unique as your business. (And this is what we love to do most!)

In-Store Marketing

In-store is the zero-moment of truth, where conversions are made and cash registers ring. This is where we become your unfair advantage to enhance both brand and revenue. We strategically layer your business objectives onto existing brand campaign expectations to design a point-of-purchase campaign that elevates product presence and perception, while driving real business results.