why Matrix?

Deep problem-solving expertise

We don’t hire salespeople. We hire creative problem solvers. That’s been our approach for over 30 years. Then we partner our problem-solvers with you, up front, so we can understand your needs and then, only then, do we design a solution. That’s how we’re able to deliver real business results that solve your problem and grow your business. Just ask our customers.

Leading global innovation

We have no agenda to sell you anything. We find and source the best from around the world. That’s why our team logged over 49,000 kilometres of travel last year. We are constantly on the hunt for innovative solutions, sustainable ideas, top-shelf partners.  If it exists we’ll find it. If it doesn’t, we’ll make it.

End-to-end service, who cares

With some of our competitors, it seems like the moment your name is on the dotted line, you start getting passed around like a hot potato. We don’t do that. Your experience with us is led by one point of contact (the Project Quarterback) from idea to finished installation.  And they care as much about your success as you do.

Our process

We’ve been doing this for over 30 years, and so we’ve learned a thing or two along the way. Working with our partners has helped us refine our approach to creative problem solving. We have distilled it into what we call the 4D Development Process:

discover matrix process
group of people sitting at a table
develop matrix process
deploy matrix process

Our partners

We have no agenda to sell. We only work with the best partners from around the world to give you the best solution for your needs, time and budget.  And we take full ownership of every deliverable so the experience for our clients is totally seamless.  Below are some of our favourite teammates.

Modern Expo

Sick of the same old beige shelving solutions? We are excited to announce our exclusive partnership with a real game-changer in the world of retail fixtures. ModernExpo has superior durability and modular, sustainable design that is flexible to virtually any environment, so you can create a retail solution as unique as your business. By the way, it’s also flat out gorgeous. You are going to want to get to know ModernExpo.


Siffron are the shelf-management gurus—covering everything from increasing merchandising space, product turns, and brand recognition to reducing theft, spoilage, and labor costs—whatever it takes to drive sales and margins. And their global footprint, coupled with local partner response times, allows them to work as a seamless extension of your operations. And this means Siffron is as nimble as they are comprehensive.


From store communication, merchandising and secondary displays to custom-made solutions and services, HL is an innovative, global leader at improving the shopping experience while increasing cost efficiency and maintaining environmental sustainability. (They’re good people too.) We are excited to now bring these fantastic solutions to the North American market.

Our culture

Well, you can probably tell by now it’s all about the team. But, here’s the thing. From our experience, what makes a team perform best? Fun. So we make it part of our business model. You’ll get it when you join us.  (And donuts.)