Fixtures & Gondola:
US Foods

How can we expand our business and reach our revenue goals when there is no availability and no choice?

US Foods opened multiple CHEF’STORE locations in California, Utah and South Carolina. CHEF’STORE is described as a one-stop-shop for restaurant operators, food industry professionals, community groups and at-home chefs to quickly stock up, replenish, or fill in ingredients and supplies in a variety of sizes and offerings.


Major gondola suppliers in North America have excessive wait times and are often turning down major retailers entirely.  This was a major obstacle for US Foods, bringing their expansion plans to a griding halt, and threatening annual revenue targets.


We tapped into our cutting edge new partner, ModernExpo, to create a solution that offers greater load capacity while being more durable, flexible and beautiful anything else on the market. Using our 4D Development Process, we set up the first store, supervised the install and made it easy from start to finish in just 8 weeks.


Total cost of ownership was parity with competitive solutions, but retailer labour costs were reduced while elevating the experience. Client was so happy they have asked Matrix to do check-outs, millwork, custom metal, bumpers and racking.