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We provide all of the classic and modular retail gondola systems as well as custom displays.

Convenience Store Design and Fixturing

matrix provides the design, fixturing, and signage to outfit a convenience store or gas station shop.

Service & Experience.

Your customers expect an expedited and pleasant shopping experience. Let us help you achieve this through wayfinding signage, stunning graphics, attractive fixtures and practical store traffic flow.

Setting up a compact store to work well requires experience and the people of matrix are your complete retail experts.

Shelving & Gondola

matrix can outfit your store with store shelving that will make the most of the space without making it feel cramped. Tall shelving can make the most of your wall space. Low rise island gondolas in the middle of your store maintain visibility and a spacious feel.

Custom Fixtures & Accessories

Your space is unique and may require a specialty fixture. The designers and fabricators at matrix can make you a cash desk, impulse rack, and coffee counter to your unique requirements.

D├ęcor & Signage

Your customers are in a hurry, and you have a limited time to communicate and make an impression. Effective signage can help them navigate the store, and promotional graphics can sell them on impulse items

Specialty Plastics

Your convenience store displays products of various formats and sizes. Some of those SKUs may be a challenge to merchandise. matrix can provide specialty plastic parts that can help display packaging like chip bags and beverage cans.

Services for Convenience Store & Gas Station Shops

Find the people and capabilities to outfit a well-functioning shop at matrix.

Retail Design

Designing cash desks, food counters, and impulse racks.

Store Layout

Laying out a shop in a way thatworks for its customers and staff.

Project Management

Staying on budget and schedule.


Metal, wood, and plastic construction.


Warehousing and logistics.


On-site installation of your fixtures.

Everyday, we help our clients with:

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